Greg Kendrick is a gaffer and a cinematographer, and the owner of Waywest Lighting & Camera. He works on a wide variety of projects, including commercials, branded and social media content, junkets for Netflix, docs for HBO, and celebrity hosted direct response. With his custom lighting truck, Arri Alexa camera packages, and very high-end lenses, you will have the right tools for crafting captivating images.

About Me

I grew up on the shores of  Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. My early years were filled with adventure which gave me the  confidence and optimism to be a risk taker. Launching at 17, I pursued my college education at Vanguard University in Southern California, and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a TV production emphasis and a minor in business. Following my graduation, I committed to a six-month production internship which transitioning into a year-long staff position, and then launched into my freelance journey.

I started at the bottom as a PA, worked up to grip, and then gaffer, while honing my cinematography skills along the way. My path was a little longer, but it gave me the opportunity to learn from many very talented artists and glean tricks of the trade along the way.

Early on my goal was to simplify the production process and add value by owning the right tools to do the job well. When you rent an itemized package from a rental house, it’s very difficult to anticipate everything you might need, especially when managing budget constraints along the way. My custom lighting truck and comprehensive camera packages give me the confidence to calmly pivot and successfully tackle change. Make no mistake, there will be change :-).

I have a passion for efficiency. From carts to cases, when working with my equipment you will notice how much time and attention I have put into every detail. This organization enables the crew to block, light, shoot, and wrap as quickly as possible. This efficiency gives us more time to tweek on set, and to make the little changes which make a big difference on screen. That’s when the fun happens. Creating beautiful images with like minded full-throttle teammates is incredibly fulfilling. And when this part of the journey is over, I hope that we will have forged lifelong friendships that remain.

Giving back to the community has also been a big part of my life. In college I volunteered at a local homeless shelter, which led me to serving as a camp counselor for foster kids through Royal Family Kids Camp, then volunteering as a wish grantor for Make a Wish and serving at the Red Cross as a Disaster Action Team Leader. More recently I have been volunteering with Waves of Impact, where we enrich the lives of individuals with special needs through adaptive surfing experiences.

When I’m not on set, working on my truck, or volunteering, I can be found on my hydro foil at San Onofre State Beach. Foiling is like surfing, but your board has a mast and a wing. When you catch a wave, your board rises a couple feet up above the water, and when you cut out of the wave, if you have the right rhythm, you can “pump” across the water out to the next wave. I also enjoy playing my guitar and spending time with my dogs, Lucy and Nala.

Although I am competent at the helm, leading the lighting team or behind the camera, I love playing the supporting role and helping others to shine. I am grateful just to be on set and collaborating with our incredibly talented team members. Making the production execs smile is a goal I take personally. For me, it’s not about maximizing profits, but giving 100% to make your project the very best that it can be.

Let’s talk about your next project!