Alexa Mini:

The Arri Alexa Mini is a powerhouse camera with a compact body, perfect for filmmakers seeking high image quality in a lightweight package. This camera packs many of the features found in larger Alexa cameras into a mini body that weighs only 4.2 lbs.

The Alexa Mini uses the same sensor as the larger Alexa cameras – the acclaimed Arri Alexa Sensor – so you get images with outstanding color fidelity, wide dynamic range, and ultra-low noise. The 4K resolution of the sensor captures gorgeous detail that allows for reframing and cropping in post-production.

Waywest Lighting And Camera offers the Arri Alexa Mini Body PL with Viewfinder for rental, providing you with all essential components for shooting including:


  • The Alexa Mini camera body with built-in PL lens mount
  • An electronic viewfinder (EVF) for easy composition and focus assistance 
  • SD card media for recording 4K ProRes or 3.2K Apple ProRes RAW files  
  • A selection of PL mount lenses from our extensive lens inventory 
  • Matte Boxes, Follow Focus units, external monitors, and other accessories as needed


The compact, lightweight design of the Alexa Mini makes it ideal for handheld shooting, gimbals, drones, car rigs, and other applications where size and weight are a concern. Yet you still get that legendary Arri image quality and workflow in a package that truly goes wherever your creative vision takes you.

Arri Amira:

The Arri Amira is a digital cinema camera loved by filmmakers for its versatility, image quality, and affordable price point. Compared to higher-end Alexa cameras, the Amira offers many of the same features in a more compact and value-oriented package.   

Waywest Lighting And Camera offers the Arri Alexa Amira Camera Body with a Premium license for rental. This includes the basic Amira camera body that records either ProRes or DNxHD codecs in various resolutions up to 4.5K.   

The Amira’s Super 35 sensor and proprietary Arri imaging technology produce images with outstanding color fidelity, dynamic range, and low noise. The camera also features interchangeable PL lenses for maximum creative freedom and compatibility with your existing lens inventory.

The Amira rental package from Waywest includes:


  • The Amira camera body with PL lens mount    
  • Premium license for All-I, 4.5K recording, and dual ISO capabilities    
  • OLED monitor and EVF viewfinder 
  • SD cards for recording to
  • External power solutions and accessories as needed


The Alexa Amira delivers much of what filmmakers love about Alexa cameras but in a more economical and portable design. With an ergonomic shape, effective grip positions, and balanced weight distribution, the Amira feels at home on a shoulder rig or gimbal.   

So if you’re looking for the Arri image quality on a constrained budget, the Alexa Amira delivers in spades thanks to its powerful feature set and affordable price.

Arri Alexa EV:

The Arri Alexa EV is a versatile digital cinema camera featuring the classic design and legendary image quality that Arri is known for. EV stands for “Electronic Viewfinder,” indicating that this Alexa model comes standard with an integrated EVF for more precise compositions and focus checking.

Waywest Lighting And Camera rents the Arri Alexa EV Camera Body with Electronic Viewfinder, providing everything you need to start shooting high-end digital cinema right away:


  • The Alexa EV camera body features dual Super 35 sensors for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios  
  • An advanced EVF viewfinder for enhanced usability and ease of shooting
  • Records to SD cards in Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, or ArriRaw formats up to 4K resolution
  • Handles a wide ISO range from 160 to 2560 for more exposure latitude      
  • Includes standard PL lens mount and LDS data connection for metadata


The Alexa EV delivers the true cinematic image and intuitive workflow of all Alexa cameras but with enhanced ergonomics enabled by the integrated EVF. This allows for more stable handheld shooting, simplified composition and focus checking, and a more traditional over-the-shoulder filming style compared to LCD monitors alone.

Renting the Alexa EV from Waywest gives you access to everything you love about Alexa cameras – their hallmark dynamic range, color fidelity, and image control – in a body tailored for both studio production and run-and-gun filmmaking on location. The integrated EVF helps maximize your mobility and fluidity of motion while capturing images that rival the best 35mm film scans.

Arri Komodo 6K:

The RED Komodo is an acclaimed 6K cinema camera known for its modular design, compact form factor, and spectacular image quality. As one of the latest cameras from RED Digital Cinema, the Komodo offers filmmakers a versatile tool for high-end productions on stringent budgets.   

Waywest Lighting And Camera rents the RED Komodo 6K camera body with everything you need to capture mesmerizing 6K stills and cinema-grade video up to 120 frames per second. The package includes:

  • The Komodo 6K camera body with RED proprietary MFT lens mount
  • The RED touchscreen monitor and beefy grip for comfortable handheld shooting
  • Compatible RED batteries for powering the camera and monitor
  • RED SSD cards for recording 6K footage up to 60p with 16-bit cinema RAW 
  • Optional accessories like the RED grip, top handle, lens mount adapters, and more

Some key features of the RED Komodo:

  • 6K Super 35 sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range 
  • Modular design for easy customization  
  • Compact and lightweight at only 2.8 lbs without battery or media
  • Compatible with a wide range of MFT lenses  
  • Dual native ISO up to ISO 51200 for incredible low-light performance
  • 4.7K and 5K resolution options in addition to full 6K

Renting the RED Komodo from Waywest gives you access to one of the most advanced 6K cameras on the market today. With an immersive 6K sensor, 15 stops of dynamic range, incredible low-light capabilities, and a versatile modular design, the Komodo packs serious imaging prowess into a compact body that’s comfortable for both handheld and gimbal work.    

The RED Komodo allows filmmakers to transcend traditional 6K standards and push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Canon 5D Mark IV:

The Canon 5D Mark IV is a powerhouse stills camera that can also capture stunning 4K video. As one of Canon’s most advanced full-frame DSLRs, the 5D Mark IV offers incredible image quality, versatile customizability, and classic Canon ergonomics.

Waywest Lighting And Camera rents the 5D Mark IV body with essential accessories to capture both photography and video:

  • The advanced 30.4 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor for high-resolution stills and detailed 4K video 
  • Shoots up to 7 fps for action photography and 4K video up to 30p
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF for fast and accurate autofocus 
  • Records to CF and CFast cards in multiple formats including 4K MP4, Full HD, and RAW
  • Includes compatible Canon EF lenses from our extensive inventory
  • Optional camera accessories like external monitors, ND filters, and more

Whether you need the 5D Mark IV for photography, b-roll footage, or hybrid stills/video shoots, this camera delivers stunning results in an affordable and easy-to-use body.


Renting from Waywest ensures you have all the accessories needed for any production.

Panasonic SV-3700:

The Panasonic SV-3700 is a versatile and powerful video camera that offers high-quality shooting in a compact and affordable package. With features like professional connectivity, low light performance, and mounting flexibility, the SV-3700 is an ideal choice for mounting on a lighting and grip truck or van package.   

This camera features a 3-chip 1/3 inch MOS sensor and a 16x HD zoom lens, allowing it to capture sharp and vivid 1080p60 video. The 16x optical zoom is ideal for event and wedding productions, where shooting flexibility from multiple distances is important. The wide angle 23.5mm wide-angle end of the zoom lens lets you shoot establishing shots while the 560mm telephoto end brings you in close for speeches and candid moments.

The SV-3700 also features dual SDXC card slots, allowing content to be recorded simultaneously for instant backup. It has both an HDMI and SDI output for easy connection to professional monitors and recorders. Throw it in a lighting truck or grip van package for on-the-go use, where the versatile form factor and connectivity come in handy.

For content creators and commercial video producers serving Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego, the SV-3700 is a great option within a lighting truck or grip van package. It delivers professional results in an affordable, lightweight body, backed by Panasonic’s reliability. 

Consider adding the SV-3700 to your van or truck package to be ready to shoot high-quality footage from a wide range of distances. Panasonic’s focus on professional video functionality at an accessible price point makes it a winning option for any producer’s arsenal.