Music Videos

Armor All, Commercial
Timeless Secret, Commercial
Eleven Skin, Infomercial
Pet Smart, Commercial
LA Weightloss, Infomercial
DVD on TV, TV Episode
HP Tablet, Commercial
Body by Jake, Infomercial
Steel Abs, Infomercial
Temptu, Infomercial
MTV Juvies, TV Show

Murad Acne Complex, Infomercial
Ab Rocket Twister, Infomercial
Beach Body 10 Minute Trainer, Commercial and DVD
Lash Appeal, Infomercial
Victoria Principal- Reclaim, Infomercial
Cheryl Tiegs-Ageless Woman, Infomercial
Brazil Butt Lift, Infomercial
ChaLEAN Extreme, Infomercial

Hot Cars, SMT
Jafra 360, Commercial
Mattel, Commercial
Honda Redline, Corporate
Rockin Abs, Infomercial
Abstorm, Infomercial
Bounce, Infomercial
Body Gospel, Workout DVD
Body by Jake, Commerical
Sexy Legs, Commercial
3 Episodes 48 Hours Mystery
Arbonne, Commercial

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